Coleman Consulting is a leading asbestos advisor providing truly independent advice on all asbestos related issues from residential to commercial properties.
We have no affiliations with any asbestos or demolition contractors, project managers, assessors or laboratories.

Our vision is a world where everyone breathes clean air. Our mission is to secure quality of life for everyone through safe workplaces, safe work practises and clean air.

There is a saying "Good help is hard to find", well so is good advice and when dealing with asbestos, good advice is crucial!

We are New Zealand owned and operated and an inaugural member of the New Zealand Demolition Association, now known as the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA). Terry Coleman is the current secretary of the NZDAA and is on the asbestos sub-committee.


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Terry Coleman

Senior Consultant, Managing Director

Terry entered the demolition industry straight from school and is a second generation demolition expert.
Using his vast asbestos knowledge gained over the years in the demolition business, Terry has helped steer the development of new methodologies to help manage asbestos issues in New Zealand.

He is highly respected in the Industry for coming up with creative and innovative solutions to asbestos related problems.  Terry strives for excellence in the industry. His commitment to ensure all removals and tests are completed to strict rules and adherence to NZ Legislation and standards is non-negotiable.

Terry is a Certificate of Competence (CoC) holder in asbestos (unrestricted). This entitles him to carry out notifiable and restricted work with asbestos including removal of friable asbestos in all forms and quantities.

 Terry is an inaugural member and secretary of the New Zealand Demolition Association now known as the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA). As part of this association Terry was involved in the production of the New Zealand Guidelines for the Management and Removal of Asbestos 3rd edition and is currently providing inputs toward the forthcoming regulation changes

 Terry’s ability to solve difficult problems and come up with solutions that will help you and your company meet all your legal obligations and requirements is paramount. He continues to lobby for the use of the world’s best practice concerning all matters relating to asbestos. He constantly seeks to further his knowledge of new technologies and state of the art products in order to provide the best possible service for his customers.



Lesley Coleman

Personal Assistant to Terry Coleman

My name is Lesley Coleman.
I am the wife of Terry Coleman our Managing Director. I worked in the Demolition Industry alongside Terry for 24 years both onsite and doing the book work.
I have been working in the Asbestos Industry for 5 years with Terry. My job at Coleman Consulting primarily consists of Office work, Accounts and being Terry’s personal Assistant. Over the years I have been on many Asbestos work sites and completed Basic Field Technician duties such as Air Monitoring, Clearances and assisting with Asbestos Surveys.



Nathan Coleman

Senior Field Technician

Hi, I'm Nathan Coleman. I'm a senior field technician for Coleman Consulting Ltd.I've been in the industry for approximately five years. I share my father's passion towards the industry, the balance in service between clients and contractors, and a mind for practicality, environmental and health and safety. I've obtained an IP404 qualification and have my Asbestos assessors license as well as the other training qualifications needed as a field technician (Mewp, confined space, and heights). I'm the bloodhound you send to find asbestos.

I'm ready for the challenge and take great pride in being thorough in our inspections.



Jessica Jenkin

Office Manager

Hi I’m Jess, I joined the team in 2017 just after I graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Theology. As the current office manager I organise the calendars for everyone on the team. I also write the reports and answer phone and email queries.

I'm hugely proud of Coleman for going above and beyond in terms of the services we provide and the professionalism and knowledge that goes along with them.