As construction contractors, architects or project management consultancies are not generally considered experts in asbestos, this is where we can come in.

Section 44 of The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act) requires all officers of PCBU’s who are in control of a site to be fully aware of all work involving asbestos being carried out on their site. This could apply to building owners, main contractors or sub-contractors who may have engaged the asbestos contractor. In any case the building owner will need to be actively involved in understanding the extent of the work being carried out on his site.

As current asbestos Certificate of Competence holders and being asbestos assessors we are able to get involved with the asbestos contractor and report back to the PCBU on the exact goings-on throughout their site. We are able to enter asbestos enclosures and issue daily reports with photos showing the work taking place on site. Our senior consultant and project manager is an ex- WorkSafe NZ Health and Safety Inspector which gives us a thorough understanding of the way the HSW Act and asbestos regulations are interpreted and regulated.

We are also able to review and have input into all the necessary paperwork that is required by law as laid out in the Health and Safety at Work (asbestos) Regulations 2016. This includes but is not Limited to:

  • We can carry out a full pre-qualification for all your asbestos contractors. This includes checking the qualifications of the contractors – Do they hold the relevant licence for this type of work as required under section 27 of the asbestos regulations?

  • Checking that they have a suitably licensed supervisor on site at the appropriate times as required under section 28 of the asbestos regulations.

  • Checking and reviewing training records (regulation 30).

  • We can review and have input (write methodologies) into the asbestos removal control plan (ARCP) which is required under regulation 32.

  • Checking for suitable decontamination facilities as required under regulation 39

  • We can check that the asbestos waste is disposed of properly in a licence tip (regulation 40)

  • We also carry out clearance inspections and issue independent clearance certificates.


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