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Coleman Consulting is a leading asbestos advisor providing truly independent advice on all asbestos related issues from residential to commercial properties. We have no affiliations with any asbestos or demolition contractors, project managers, assessors or laboratories.

There is a saying "Good help is hard to find", well so is good advice and when dealing with asbestos, good advice is crucial!

We are New Zealand owned and operated and an inaugural member of the New Zealand Demolition Association, now known as the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA).

Terry Coleman is the current secretary of the NZDAA and is on the asbestos sub-committee.


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Our vision is a world where everyone breathes clean air. Our mission is to secure quality of life for everyone through safe workplaces, safe work practises and clean air.

Asbestos surveys

The asbestos regulations require the PCBU to identify all asbestos on site prior to any form of renovation or demolition work. If the building contains asbestos, we will find it.


Contractor oversight

As construction contractors, architects or project management consultancies are not generally considered experts in asbestos, this is where we can come in.

Let us be your eyes and ears on site.

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asbestos consulting

We can provide industry leading help and advice on any asbestos related matter.


air monitoring & clearance testing

We can perform air quality testing and monitoring for the presence of asbestos in the air – at your home or in the workplace.



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